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Platypus Rescue provides training to give you the skills and knowledge to confidently navigate white waters – whether for pleasure or work.

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When Others Can’t Provide
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Whether it’s a private expedition or emergency services training, most trainings leave out the most important aspects of your experience

Group Expeditions That Feel

Training That Doesn’t Mimic Real-Life Scenarios

Lack Of Emphasis On Proper Techniques

Platypus Rescue Delivers Both The Adventure & World-Class Education You Need

We ensure experiences and training that leaves no doubt you’ve made the most of your time

Total Freedom & Adventure During Expeditions

True-To-Life Swiftwater Training

Emphasis On Body Mechanics & Techniques

Helping You Navigate The Waters Since 2005

Since 2005, Platypus Rescue Founder and Owner, Matt Reid, has used his knowledge to deliver unforgettable expeditions, water rescue workshops, and river guide training.

Our team has helped thrill seekers, first responders, and river guides in 8 countries, gain the skills needed to maximize their effectiveness in the water.

We hold river rescue certifications in several countries so, you can be confident in the instruction and training you receive.

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Paddle Boat

For Private & Commercial Rafters

The most traditional way of navigating the water. Learn to read and react to the river so you can be prepared for any situation.

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Oar Boat

For Private & Commercial Rafters

For heavier loads and wide, deep rivers. Learn about the proper set up, boat positioning, and oar management.

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Fire Raft

For Fire Fighters & First Responders

Learn the techniques and skills needed to perform rescue and recovery missions safely and effectively.

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